18 September 2005

Cider is now announced! In case you missed it at the PDC, Cider is the code name for the Visual Studio Designer for WPF pronounced Avalon according to Chris) that will be delivered in Orcas. We also announced the Expression product line that includes a different designer called Sparkle. Other than the obvious difference between Sparkle and Cider, Cider is in VS, Sparkle is a stand-alone product, Cider will be a designer for developers, Sparkle will be a designer targeted at professional designers.

For those that were asking about what I was working on, I wasn’t trying to be coy, I just didn’t want to spill the beans early.

I will be more forthcoming in the months ahead and try to keep you up-to-date with our progress.

If I missed you at the PDC, I am sorry about that. Feel free to ask your questions here or via e-mail (chuckj directed through microsoft.com).

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