19 February 2007

I have to be honest; I didn’t expect the response I received from my Fatherly advice to new programmers article. There have been some very nice things written about it, not only in the comments but in other blogs. I don’t consider myself a very good writer and having my writing style praised was highly unexpected. I thank everyone for their kind words. Also, if you haven’t read the comments posted to the article yet, I highly recommend it. They offer interesting insights from a variety of perspectives.

[EDIT 01/21/2015: Unfortunately, all the comments were lost in the blogging software shuffle ]

I also recommend reading some of the blogs entries that have been written in response to it. I would like to point out one in particular from Jeff Atwood: Shipping Isn't Enough. I agree with him. You not only need to focus on shipping but make sure what you are working on is worth shipping. You need to focus on shipping programs people use and enjoy using.

Other bloggers have pointed out that you often don’t that much control over what you are working on, such as Mike-O-Matic’s Shipping Is Enough, Sometimes. And other point out that sometimes you don’t know if what you are working on will be used or not, as in Avonelle’s If a program falls in a forest....

These entries remind me of one more bit of advice: you are not your users. Just because you like something some particular way doesn’t mean that your users will, nor just because you would never use something doesn’t mean nobody needs it. You are not your users; you should get to know them.

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