30 July 2005

Even though I have been quoted as saying I would never have a blog, welcome to my blog. It teaches me never to say never.

If this blog looks familiar it is because I ripped off the implementation from Chris Anderson. Like Chris, I will not restrict my self just to work life but delve into other topics as well. I plan to keep them well separated so if you don’t want my personal version of a “sump-pump” story, relax, you can filter it out.

I had visions of my first (non-introductory) post being earth shattering, enlightening, and page-turning riveting example of clear technical writing about an extremely interesting topic. Well, as it turns out, it is a rant. Oh, well; maybe I can be enlightening later…

EDIT: 2015-01-15 Original links redacted.
www.simplegeek.com is no longer up.

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